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$99 Divorce - Represent Yourself

If you live far from Greater Houston, file the divorce yourself and save even more. The total cost is only $99 plus the filing fee in your county. You represent yourself in court and we prepare all the necessary paperwork for you! $99 will get you the divorce petition, the waiver of citation, the Final Decree of Divorce, and the required state form(s) completely filled out. This case involves no child or property and spouse will sign voluntarily ($350 with children). Good in all counties in Texas. Just file, spouse sign, and go to court! Easy as 1, 2, 3. When you are ready simply complete our divorce intake form and mail it in to our office along with the $99 payment; or you can visit our office in person.

$550 Divorce - We Represent You

Your full service divorce will only cost you $900 total. This includes the court fee of $350. Your divorce will be completed in about 2 months and we represent you in court. The following conditions apply for this special:


  1. No children born during the marriage with anyone and wife is not currently pregnant

  2. No property, such as real estate, business, or any employment benefits accumulated during the marriage by either party

  3. Uncontested, meaning your spouse will sign the papers voluntarily and willingly

  4. You or your spouse reside in Harris County, Texas for at least 6 months


When you are ready, simply complete our divorce intake form and mail it in to our office along with the $900 payment. We will prepare and file your divorce, send the waiver and decree to you or your spouse for a signature, and set up and meet you in court on the final court date in about 2 months. You can also visit our office in person. We'd love to see you!

Additional Services
  • Name Change - $20

  • Property

    • Basic: vehicles, retirement/pension/401k benefits - $100

    • All property including real property and business - $250

  • Waiver to Remarry Immediately - $100

  • Certified Divorce Decree

    • No kids - $35

    • With Kids - $45

  • Divorce in Fort Bend County - $100

  • Divorce in Brazoria County - $200

  • Divorce in Montgomery County - $300

  • Constable Services (if spouse will not sign) - $450

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